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Travelling while Earning

Dreaming of travelling the world and earning from it at the same time? Time to wake up for that could be your reality!

If you are the adventurous type who finds the corporate world and office-based jobs too stifling for your comfort, you’ll be glad to know to discover the many career options available for you where you can indulge your passions and live the life you want.

As air travel became a lot more affordable in recent years, along with the increasing influence of the Internet, job opportunities to those who want to earn while on the move also rose.

Recently, Netflix announced their search for four people who will take Instagram photos as they travelaround Europe and Middle East for two weeks. The chosen photographers – or “Grammasters” as the company likes to call them – get paid $2,000 a week along with their transportation and housing costs covered by the company. Three years ago, Tourism Australia also came up with a similar campaign where they sent out the call to six lucky individuals to become paid travellers around their country. Applicants had a wide range of job roles to choose from (from park ranger to lifestyle photographer), each of which comes with a $100,000 salary for six months. So yes, there are jobs out there that can help fulfill your wanderlust and at the same time help you earn a decent wage.

However the competition for these job posts was, unsurprisingly, fierce. Back in 2009 the first winner of Tourism Australia’s competition, Ben Southall of Great Britain had to beat out 34,000 applicants from over 200 countries to win the enviable task of having the “Best Job in the World”. Don’t despair though as there are tons of other career options for you to consider. Have a look at our list of the best jobs for travel buffs and find the one that matches your skills.

Flight Crew
Blessed with charm, great people skills and a yearning to travel the skies? This is the perfect job for you. Airlines are always on the lookout for people to join their cabin crews, and with perks like a higher-than-usual starting salary plus the chance to travel, many are knocking on their doors to try out their luck. Any degree would do, as long as you’re willing to take on the training and the challenge of this much sought- after career. Or would you rather take on the role of the pilot? This job requires extensive training – a full degree in courses like Aeronautical Science or Aviation Management, for example – as well as licenses or certificates for you to qualify. The requirements can be a bit daunting but the prestige that comes with this job can’t be beat.

English/ESL Teacher
Native English speakers with a case of wanderlust can try out teaching to support themselves while travelling. Currently there is a high demand for English teachers in East Asia, particularly in Japan, China and South Korea. An English or education degree is usually not required for this job but restrictions may vary from country to country. Do check with your host country before embarking on this job (some countries may require teaching certifications). Aside from that, having patience and great interpersonal skills will help you go a long way in this role. Perks of the job may include an above average salary, and for some housing and living allowances are also included. Travel blogger Derek Earl Baron of Wandering supported part of his travels by teaching English and at one time even taught the language in India in exchange for room and board.

Tour Escort or Guide
As travelling became a lot more affordable, with it came a bigger boost to the tourism industry and a higher demand for travel guides. If you have a flair for storytelling and great interpersonal skills then this is the perfect job for you. A great command of several languages will help, but more importantly your passion and knowledge about the place where you’re living will help you succeed in this career.

Cruise Ship Jobs

Cruise ships are also a great source of job opportunities for travel buffs that prefer travelling the high seas. There’s a ton of options waiting for candidates to explore. From entertainment jobs to jobs in the hospitality and food & beverage industries, cruise ships offer a wealth of careers for those bitten with the travel bug and are not the least bit seasick.

These are just a small sampling of the many opportunities from around the globe that await travellers looking to earn cash while they explore the world. You can also work as a resort staff, an au pair or live-in nanny translator, geologist or even join the military. Just think of what suits you best and do research ahead of time for the requirements you need to accomplish before you pursue the career you desire.

If you’re looking for a new start or want to live a more adventurous lifestyle that your current desk job can’t afford to give you, perhaps it’s time for you to experience new things and try out these jobs. Good luck and stay safe on your travels!